Tenet (2020)

Luke Atkins

Christopher Nolan has done it again. Released today, Tenet is a brilliant, stunning work. Like all of Nolan’s prior films, Tenet is incredibly cerebral. It is a colossal achievement from both a technical standpoint and an artistic one, making the most of its $225 million budget. I’d put it up there with The Dark Knight as one of his greatest films. But I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. This is perhaps the most convoluted, confusing film you’ll ever see. You have to pay close attention for every second to truly understand it. And even then, I don’t think that 99.9% of people—whether you’re a casual fan or a critic or a physicist—will get it all after one view. I certainly was dumbfounded at times. It is also very difficult to discuss Tenet without spoilers, but I’ll try my best. After all, it’s the best film of 2020.

Tenet opens with…

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