Joker (2019)

Luke Atkins

It is difficult to assess a film starring Joaquin Phoenix, for he will always make it seem amazing. From Gladiator to Walk the Line to You Were Never Really Here, he turns every solid film into a masterpiece. Moreover, he makes already superb works in The Master and Her top films of their respective years. His posture, range of tone & delivery, facial expressions, palette of mannerisms—it’s all out of this world. The best part is he remains vert strict about his chosen films; his role must be incredibly complex and difficult, the film must be novel, and he never sells out.

Joker is a film galvanized by a unique set of ideas, executed by one of the best actors of all time, assisted by a decent ensemble (including the legendary Robert De Niro), and edited by a mediocre crew. It touched upon some of the interesting topics that created…

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